Are you ready to heal? By Veronique Ryan

The healing starts before the client shows up!

A healing session starts when the client books its appointment.

From that moment onwards, there is a contract: a willingness to heal on the client’s part and an agreement to be present to that need on the practitioner’s side.

This is a sacred contract. Preparing the room where the encounter takes place is also an essential part of the healing. This preparation is on several levels.

On the physical level, the room is clean, it has been aerated, refreshed. There may be incense burning or essential oil diffusing. As a sound healer, I like to use sound. I may play certain music, use rattles, bells or bowls, or even my voice.

On a more subtle level, I feel the energy of the room. I tune into the elements in the room. Does it feel damp, dry, airy, heavy? How can I balance this? For example, if it feels damp, I may light up a candle and allow the fire to dry it. If it feels dry, I may bring a glass of water In the room. If it feels heavy, I may burn some sage, turn on some light. If it feels airy, I may bring in a piece of black tourmaline.

I set an intention to be open and heart-based, to welcome helpful insights, to listen carefully and attentively, to be of service.

I dedicate the session for the highest good of the client and the highest good of all.

When the client enters, the healing has already begun.

Véronique Ryan ©

“Be still and listen” Rumi