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Jev is a Pre & Post Natal Fitness Instructor, Woman’s Health coach with firsthand experience.

Jev’s journey in woman’s health started after her second child when she discovered such things like diastasis, incontinence and prolapse exist. But what she could not find was good solid helpful information. That is when she started her specialist training in Post Natal fitness in 2008 and she has succeeded with rehabilitating her own body.

In doing that came the passion to help other women. She loves what she does, loves helping women and it gives her great satisfaction to see her clients succeed.

In addition to being Pre & Post Natal Fitness Instructor Jev is a Holistic Core Restore® Coach; Certified Sports Massage therapist & Certified Abdominal Scar soft tissue therapist. She also offers Kinesio taping for Pregnancy & Post Natal issues.

HCR® programmes work with Diastasis Recti; C-Section Recovery; Pelvic Floor strengthening whether the weakness is due to POP, post nataly, post menopause or hysterectomy.

She chose to represent HCR® because above all else, unlike any other method she has come across, it has a whole body approach including nutrition & well­being as well as exercise, not just fixing a leaky pelvic floor or a wobbly tummy but improving woman’s whole lifestyle. The positive effects HCR® programme has on women and their families are what inspires her.

Throughout her years of training women, she has always been aware of how movement can be limited by scars, tightness, postural issues, lack of mobility.

Qualifying in Sports Massage Level 3 Therapist has enabled her to take these skills and use them to help her clients:

feel lighter, looser and mobile

relieve pain and tension

reduce anxiety and stress

sleep better

increase their flexibility

Why scar massage? Scar tissue may become hard and raised. Massage can help to soften and flatten the scar tissue. Scar tissue may stick to the underlying muscles, tendons, blood vessels, nerves and bones. Massage can prevent this from happening and helps to keep the scar tissue flexible. Pregnancy and Post Natal Kinesio taping helps with and provides support for:

Diastasis & Hernia

Odema Taping

SIJ, TCF, Low Back Pain

DeQuervain’s Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel

Bump Support

Knee pain

Kinesiotaping techniques, remedial massage, scar work – are part of the treatment in Holistic Core Restore® programmes along with exercises. Jev is registered with THE STA – Sports Therapy Association. Registered with Peppy Health – check with your employer if they are a part of Peppy Health concept. In which case the employer provides their employees with Parental Services Allowance (PSA) to support the health of the pregnant/new parent. The employer provides the allowance typically £500 per employee per baby – that can be used towards Jev’s services.

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Available: Mondays 3-9pm

Prices: Consultation 1 hour 30 minutes £65

1:1 Follow up session 1 hour £45

HCR Diastasis® Please book the first session the assessment, once paid and booked another scheduler will be sent to you to arrange the following 3 appointments. 1 hour 30 minutes £250

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