Sometimes we feel we need to take an alternative route to healing, something more holistic, more natural. Perhaps modern medicine hasn’t helped enough, or perhaps we don’t feel aligned with its philosophy.

Alternative therapies and natural medicines are the next steps. But there are so many different options, different treatments and techniques! So how do you choose what’s best for you? How do you know what you need?

If you feel unsure or if you would like some advice, at Highgate Holistic Clinic we offer a free consultation to help you choose what approach will suit you best.

The consultation is generally done over the phone, where we will consider your specific case and recommend you to the most suitable therapist or approach that we think might benefit you. Our aim is to help you understand the best possible solution to your situation and provide useful advice.

Please note that this is only a consultatory service and in no shape or form replaces a medical diagnosis.

For more information or to book your free consultation please contact us now.

Because of our high level of enquiry, please allow a few days for your query to get answered. We will set up an appointment as soon as possible but there might be small delay.