Therapists at Highgate Holistic Clinic - Daniel Abramov

Danielle is committed to homeopathy as it treats the person as a whole without the side effects of conventional medicine – her goal is to restore health naturally.

She loves her work and takes a practical and friendly approach, enjoying getting to know her patients and working with them towards improving their health naturally – offering a real alternative to or support for conventional treatment.

Originally from Canada, Danielle is fluent in English, French and Hebrew. She has lived in London for 30 years, loves travelling and is the proud mother of triplets.

During her homeopathic studies she spent 2 weeks in a college in South India, learning and working in an Accident and Emergency set-up. In India homeopathy is considered to be equal to allopathic medicine.

Post graduation, she co-founded a charity providing free homeopathic treatment to needy villagers in Gambia, West Africa, where she treated hundreds of children and adults suffering from many different conditions, made worse by poverty and chronic malnutrition.

Danielle is a registered member of The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

Danielle is also a qualified Vega practitioner. The Vega machine is a non-invasive, painless, diagnostic tool for determining some of the causes of ill health, be it persistent viral, fungal or bacterial overload, vitamin or mineral deficiency, food intolerance or emotional blocks.

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Availability Wednesdays 3-9pm. Other times are available by arrangement

Mobile: 07866 767 285


Adults – 1hour consultation £80

Children (to age 12) – 45 minutes £55

Allergy/food sensitivity test (1 hour)     £65

Additional tests (E-numbers, environmental substances, hormones)  £10 each

Follow-up testing (30 minutes)       £30