Reiki is the Japanese word for ‘Universal Life Force’, the vital energy around and within all living things.  It is a system of natural hands-on healing.  It is gentle, relaxing and non-invasive. The client is fully clothed, sitting or lying on a couch whilst the sequence of hand positions are placed on the head or body of the person receiving.

Practitioners and price information: Natalie Roth

Meditation and Mindfulness

This may include simple breathing techniques, structured mediations and working with energy streams, energy points on the body and chakras.  This work is to facilitate a deeper connection to ourselves either in treatment sessions or may be done as personal work in a group setting.

Practitioners and price information: Natalie Roth


Sophrology is a method, a practice and a philosophy. Unlike many therapies it focuses on both body and mind. It is a wonderful blend of Eastern and Western philosophies and practices, combining breathing, visualisation, gentle movement and relaxation techniques to bring both body and mind into harmony.

Being in a state of dynamic relaxation makes it easier to focus the mind, enabling us to examine our physical and mental being at a profound level. Sophrology allows us to ground ourselves in the present, feel at peace with the past and face the future positively.

Lasting benefits, widely recognisedSophrology is simple and effective. Clear benefits can be seen after just a few sessions. The method suits all ages and abilities, it is very adaptable. No matter what your health condition, physical or emotional ability, Sophrology can work for you.

Sophrology has been widely practised on the Continent for 50 years and is well-respected, especially in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Portugal. It is applied in different settings including schools, hospitals, maternity clinics, community centres, corporate environments and rehabilitation centres. Many leading sportsmen and women also use the technique.

Sophrology is growing in popularity throughout the UK. It is now recognised by the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine and Sophrology schools are opening throughout the country.

Practitioners and price information:  Dominique Antiglio


Psychonomy is a smooth manual method that originated in France, being brought to the UK exclusively for the first time. It is  very similar to Osteopathy but involves a softer touch, with more global effects. By touching your body whilst you’re fully dressed on top of your clothing,  the Practitioner can identify where your pain comes from and help to reset your body’s own healing & recovery capabilities. 

Psychonomy is recommended for anyone and can help any kind of pain:  physical or emotional such as shock pains, stressed muscles or bones, early or old pains in any part of your body for example. It can also help with sleep disorders or stress, help eliminate headaches and migraines as well as helping you to recover from fatigue and maintain a good energy level.

Psychonomy is also efficient in helping to ease exam or pre-surgery nerves, or to prepare you for very important professional meetings or any other kind of situation when you need to be fully ready & mentally alert.

Psychonomy is also a complementary technique that can assist any other kind of medical treatment. 

A session is around 30 minutes long and you will only need a few sessions to notice improvements.
Maintenance involves 4 sessions a year to ensure optimal energy levels remain on-going. 

Practitioners and price information:  Haydee Henderickx