Katerina is a professional UKCP accredited Gestalt psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, group therapist and BACP-accredited individual and relationship counsellor. She offers individual therapy, group therapy and relationship counselling. She is also a registered psychotherapist with the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine, supporting professional musicians and other performing artists. She works one-to-one with individual adults, couples and groups in a GP surgery and within private practice. She is the author of ‘How to Understand and Deal with Stress’, ‘Your Mind Matters: How to Talk about Your Mental Health’, and ‘How to Understand and Deal with Health Anxiety’, published by Hachette UK. She runs and hosts the music and mental health podcast ‘Sound Affects’, as featured in NME’s ‘Podcasts for the People’ series. She is also a former Samaritans helpline listener, with extensive experience of supporting people struggling with suicidal thoughts. Having spent more than 10 years in freelance journalism also, she understands the cumulative effects of an unconventional lifestyle and vicarious trauma and burnout through exposure to difficult material.

Gestalt is an effective way of getting to better understand how people view us and how we impact them. Through observing patterns in the therapy room, we can witness in the immediate present how we impact each other, and practise and experiment with ways of behaving and talking in a safely contained, confidential space without any fear of repercussions. Gestalt therapy can at times feel more experimental than other types of talking therapies. Depending on what comes up, we might use props and objects in the room, partake in visualisation exercises, work with dreams, use art, drawing, role-play, music or movement to explore feelings and even place those feelings in different locations and chairs in the room. Or we may just simply focus on talking. Where many talking therapies focus on what you say, Gestalt therapy takes into account your use of words, body language, somatic experience, bodily sensations and feelings as well as thoughts and emotions. Sessions can in some moments feel spontaneous, even at times playful; at other times, sessions may feel more reflective with dialogue between us. I respond to you and what you bring. There is a focus on the here-and-now experience where we use what comes up in the moment as a springboard for where the session will go. My intentions are to support you to develop insights and draw connections for yourself – throughout, you remain the expert in your own life.

Ultimately, my aim is not to interpret what you do or say or to define who you are, but to support you to define yourself. I focus on raising your self-awareness and awareness of how you relate to others, facilitating you to get to the crux of your underlying feelings and the core of who you are and what you want when you remove society’s expectations out of the equation.

Availability: in-person or remote available. Dates and times are variable so please enquire.


One-to-one: £80 (weekly)

Couples/relationship therapy: £120 (fortnightly or monthly)

Support groups: dependent on numbers, frequency and duration (please enquire)


website: www.kgcounsellor.com

email: katerina@kgcounsellor.com

mobile: 07980 814645 (please leave a message with your name and email and I’ll get back to you at my earliest opportunity)