Patrizia Gaio MATCM

Acupuncture, Tuina, Moxibustion, Cupping, Gua Sha

Patrizia has studied Chinese medicine at the Xian Tian College of Daoist medicine, a branch of the Lotus Neigong International school where she has been studying Neigong since 2015. She started practicing Qigong in 2007 and trained to teach it in 2012.

Patrizia has completed the Tuina Advance Diploma with Sarah Pritchard, whom she regularly sees as ongoing development.

Her holistic approach to health and wellbeing includes exercise, diet and lifestyle which she always discusses with her clients as part of the treatments. Through Qigong she has learnt to improve her health by increasing presence and listening within the body and she is now introducing these skills to her clients.

She also runs remote sessions as a form of health coaching to introduce the Yang Sheng principles for vitality and wellbeing to the general public or provide after care support to her clients.

Patrizia has developed an educational program focused on the menstrual cycle, from the fertile years to menopause. She firmly believes in fact that the understanding of the physiology, emotions and self-care there involved can empower women with better health and more rooted presence in their lives and communities. This program is available either one-to-one or in group sessions.

She comes from a creative background which is still integral part of her life and self-expression. Her creativity has been a solid companion and a resourceful tool for her work and everyday life.



Mobile 07866747334 (contact me via Text, Whatsapp or Telegram)

Availability: Fridays 8:30am – 8:30pm


Initial consultation + 1st treatment (90 mins) £85

Follow up (60mins) £65