Heather is an experienced therapist and UKCP accredited psychotherapist working one-to- one with individual adults, and also leading therapy groups. She has worked with the NHS as a therapist, is part of Age UK Camden Counselling and therapy team and for some time was a member of cabinet of international therapists outside the UK, as well as her private practice. Humanistic, Integrated and Gestalt psychotherapy are at the heart and focus of her practice with clients. She is a veteran of international arena of executive coaching and in some ways her practice is built on her considerable past experience in the development of individual potential and growth. Experience has proved to her that in therapy a holistic approach to healing is vital for growth and change and is achieved through understanding how we live and relate to others in terms of our emotional, cognitive, bodily, social and ‘spiritual’ needs.

My Approach

I provide a safe and respectful space for you and I to explore difficult feelings and gain enhanced awareness of how past and present relationships, break-ups, grief or traumas may be affecting you from day to day.

Bringing in therapeutic and life experience, I will support you in a creative process in which you may find new perspectives on your situation and your self. New insight into your wants, feelings, thoughts, ambivalences and needs can in itself bring about change.

As our work progresses your heightened awareness will help identify patterns of response which you may wish to abandon giving you different choices going forward. This awareness promotes renewed energy, influences your motivation and supports recovery.

I consider the therapeutic relationship in the present moment (or how you and I work together) as an essential constituent to the healing and change process.  I offer a no-cost 15 minute phone call for you to ask questions about me or my practice before arranging an initial assessment session.

In the assessment session we will explore your current difficulties, some brief history and what aims you have and changes you hope to make.  This will also be an important opportunity to check how well you and I could work together.  Depending on your situation therapy can be a long-term process of several years, or perhaps you may have a short-term need which may just span a limited period of 12-15 weeks. I work face to face and online.

Availability: Wednesdays afternoons and evenings. Other dates and times are variable so please enquire.

Fees: One-to-One £80 (weekly) with concessions on a sliding scale

Therapy Groups: please enquire

Contact: website: www.heatherwilson.uk

Email: therapy@heatherwilson.uk

Mobile: 074155 10191 (please leave a message with your name and email and I will get back to you as soon as I can)