Japanese woman

Advice from Japanese Grandmothers on How to Be Beautiful

From Inner Peace, Outer Beauty Natural Japanese Health and Beauty Secrets Revealed By Michelle Dominique Leigh   Protect your skin from the sun. Drink pure water, breathe good air, live in a clean house. As you grow older, don’t envy the fresh blossoms of spring To have clear, smooth skin, care for it diligently by cleaning it completely, protecting it...

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Facial Fusion Acupuncture comes to Highgate

Beauty acupuncture has, until recently, been the reserve of the Hollywood elite and the secret technique of those wishing to maintain their youthful looks the natural way, without committing to the knife. Using acupuncture to repair the unwanted effects of ageing is not a new idea, but one that can be traced back thousands of years. Using these ancient secrets,...

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