Introducing Psychotherapy at Highgate Holistic Clinic

Maybe psychotherapy could help you to start this autumn?

What is Psychotherapy?

The summer was good: the sun, rest and sport for your body … and why not a bit of space, time and gym for your mind before falling into this stressful routine again?!

When you have nothing but dark ideas, when it’s hard to get out of your bed, when you are systematically falling into the same suffering situations, or when it’s not possible to live a “normal” everyday life, Psychotherapy is here to help you, to guide you and to bring you back on the path of autonomy.

By using the concepts of Transactional analysis (let’s call it “TA”), I propose to accompany you humanly and ethically in order to find the meaning in what you live. But also to rediscover some well-being perspectives, better self-knowledge, mindfulness and self-realization

Contractual requirements explained…

Session after session, the relationship between the patient and the therapist is growing and relies on mutual trust, but also the well-being and autonomy of the patient. It is based on the fundamental positive nature of the human being, one’s ability to make choices and follow them, all that in a simple and accessible language.

The frame of my practice is contractual, that is to say that the link between the therapist and the patient is based on free negotiation and acceptance of a prior clear contract, which makes each person responsible and aware of the work to be accomplished and objectives to be reached. This contract can be redefined of modified along the sessions if the patient needs so.

There is no good or bad contract; that is why I shall not have any « projects » for the patient, but instead to understand his/her request in order to accompany him/her on the path of recovery and autonomy without creating any dependency.

What is Transactional Analysis?

This is a theory of communication based on the personality, developed by the American psychiatrist Eric Berne in the 60’s. A powerful tool that I discovered ten years ago and that aims to analyse what happens in one’s « transactions », the basic communication units, and of human interactions that we experience in everyday life.

To cite one of the many concepts of this practice, TA is developing three “Ego States” that manifest in us in every situation, of everyday life.

Designated as the ego state “Child,” “Parent” and “Adult”, they respectively refer to our sensations and feelings, our judgements and protective attitudes, or finally our ability to analyse situations and act accordingly. These personality systems move, live and interact. It is relying on the analysis of these that I work with patients.

In searching how ego states manifested in a particular situation with a particular person, we understand what is at stake, or endless replays in our life Scenario.

And the Scenario, what is it?To be continued … See you in the next post!

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