Morning sickness

Morning sickness or Hyperemesis gravidarum as it is known medically manifests generally during the first trimester of pregnancy.

It can come in varying forms and degrees but it is one of the most common symptoms of early pregnancy and most women will experience it to some degree.

It can manifest as just nausea or as nausea and vomiting. Some women will get very strong symptoms with frequent bouts of nausea, while others can experience relatively mild nausea symptoms.

I see this condition, as well as other symptoms of the early stages of pregnancy, as your body trying to adjust to the huge demands placed upon it at this time. There is a large demand for energy during the early stages which is coupled with large hormonal changes. It would be strange to expect your body not to react!

Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture is a very gentle treatment that can be used safely from the very beginning of your pregnancy. It has a long and well-documented history of treating sickness.

Acupuncture points are selected to calm the digestive system and settle the stomach. These are combined with points that help to calm anxiety and stress which can contribute to nausea’s intensity. Points are also then selected to improve your energy levels and regulate the hormones. All together the acupuncture aims to settle your stomach while at the same time helping your system become stronger and more resilient these symptoms.


Everyone really does experience these symptoms differently and similarly what helps them differs as well. Here are a few self-help ideas you can try if you are feeling these symptoms.

Little and often – probably the most beneficial thing to do is try to reduce the amount you eat at each meal and try to graze throughout the day. This prevents you feeling too full and avoids you feeling empty both of which can easily bring on nausea.

Ginger – traditionally ginger is used to settle the stomach and is a great way to control nausea. Boil some water and add a couple of slices of ginger and drink when warm. This does not suit everyone due to its slightly spicy nature but it’s worth a try.

Carbonated drinks – this is an interesting one but many women have reported that the gas helps alleviate the feelings in the stomach. Soft drinks work for some, possibly the sugar content also bolsters energy levels for a while, others prefer carbonated water.

Sleep – energy levels are a major contributor to how well you will feel at this time. Grabbing a nap during the day and getting a good sleep at night will do wonders for you.

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