Spring  Season Remedies

The days are lengthening, Daffodils are blooming; it’s Springtime! Use homeopathy to avoid and treat some of the inevitable accidents and pitfalls of the season and for some tips post Easter.

With the more clement weather, you want to be outdoors – is this when you start with HAY FEVER symptoms? For the seasonal symptoms and self help measures, see below, but do be aware that to significantly reduce or get rid of symptoms repeating yearly, you need to see a qualified homeopath.

  1. Drink plenty of water.
  2. Coat your nostrils.
  3. Know your triggers.
  • * To relieve acute HAY FEVER symptoms yourself, there are at least a dozen remedies that are commonly used – you find the one that has the symptoms most closely matching your own (EX: ARS. ALB, EUPHRASIA, NUX VOMICA, PULSATILLA, NATRUM MUR, SULPHUR). If there is no improvement after 3-4 doses, reassess and choose a different remedy that more closely resembles your symptoms. However, do be aware that self-treatment does have its limits.
  • * The annual garden Easter egg hunt was probably lots of fun but you or a child may have stepped on a wasp, been stung by a bee, or have a rash from nettle or poison ivy.   A number of homeopathic remedies can easily be part of your home First Aid kit, such as APIS for bee stings, or anything that is hot throbbing and feels better for ice, whereas RHUS TOXIDENDRON has a more spread out itchy rash that is better for heat.
  • * When eating those yummy eggs, all chocolate and sugar – Is the result a STOMACH-ACHE? Here again, depending on the person’s symptoms, a suitable remedy will have you put right in record time.
  • * Do you have to avoid the sun because you come up in ITCHY HIVES? No need to suffer any longer, it can be helped by a course of treatment by a qualified homeopath, with an added bonus that other health problems should also improve.

If you’re curious to see how Homeopathy might be able to help you, book a consultation with Danielle who will assess your symptoms in full and make a constitutional prescription to help you get on top of the problem once and for all. 

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