What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing: So what’s it all about?

Whether you’re pregnant or not, you may well have noticed the increasing buzz surrounding hypnobirthing. In the last couple of years, high profile and celebrity mums including Kate Middleton, Jessica Alba and Ricki Lake have brought popularity to this simple, yet effective, birth preparation programme.

Whilst it’s great that hypnobirthing is getting the recognition it deserves, there are still a number of common misconceptions that give people a distorted view of what it’s all about. Let’s take a look at some hypnobirthing facts and fiction!

The myth: Hypnobirthing promises women a pain-free and ‘perfect’ birth

The reality: Whilst many hypnobirthing mums do indeed report having a painless birth, this is not actually something that we promise as no one can guarantee or predict what will happen at your baby’s birth and so it would be unfair to build up such an expectation.

What the hypnobirthing course does do, is educate women on exactly what is happening in their bodies during labour and birth and teaches techniques to help them work with these natural processes which in turn makes giving birth smoother and more comfortable.

Rather than placing an emphasis on the ‘perfect birth’, the hypnobirthing course is about helping you to have the best birth experience for you, whatever the circumstances.

The myth: Hypnobirthing is only for women who are planning a natural, vaginal birth without medical intervention

The reality: In my experience, most expectant mums who choose hypnobirthing certainly do intend to have a natural birth. However, even if a woman is planning a managed birth through choice or circumstance, hypnobirthing can help her to approach it with calm and confidence. One of my recent clients was a first-time mum of twins who already knew that her babies would be born by planned C-section due to one of them being unwell, but she was still able to use hypnobirthing to release her fears and maintain her confidence that she and her babies were in the best hands.

The myth: Using hypnobirthing will mean that I am not in control and will be ‘out of it’ during my child’s birth

The reality: During hypnobirthing, and in fact with all types of hypnosis, you are always fully in control and no one can ‘make’ you do anything. You are completely aware of what is going on around you but you’re choosing to tune out the distractions, very much like when you are in a daydreaming state.

The myth: Hypnobirthing only works if you’re having a home birth

The reality: Hypnobirthing can work wherever a woman gives birth as it is about her mental state and not just her physical location. There was even a recent news story of a woman who successfully used hypnobirthing whilst giving birth to her baby in the back of her husband’s car. Not that I recommend this as an ideal location, of course!

If you or your partner are expecting a baby and want to know how hypnobirthing can help you prepare, feel free to get in touch with me. I am a fully qualified Hypnobirthing Teacher and I run both one-to-one and group sessions throughout the year. My next group class is being held at Highgate Holistic Clinic and begins on Sunday 8th March 2015.

For more information or to join Tracy’s Hypnobirthing classes, please call 0203 659 2711 or email info@highgateholisticclinic.com