Why is nutrition more than about losing weight – by Nathalie Paris, our nutritionist 

Why is nutrition important and what impact can it have on weight loss and health in general?

Looking at our nutrition in general means to take control of our  lives  and  embark on a journey to deeper health happiness and freedom.

To learn and understand that our bodies will begin to work optimally as a result of proper nutrition is the key to good health and to whatever we want to achieve whether we want  to lose weight , have more energy, manage disease and so on.

Desiring to Lose weight for example can be a very stressful time as we get so many confused messages with  different fad diets.

Fad diets don’t help keep the weight off in the long term. The best diet is no diet at all but a way of life that includes healthy tasty food, exercise , fresh air, meditation , a mind body connection.

Our health is threatened on a daily basis by environmental stresses like chemicals found in the water and basic food ( fruit and vegetables, meat etc). but also from pollution and electromagnetic interference such as mobile phones computers and WiFi.

All this can stress our bodies to the extent of becoming dehydrated and therefore stop our natural detox mechanisms.

Furthermore dehydration will affect us at brain level as it is  one of the first places to register it. It has been found that in some cases of very deep depression the brain can be dehydrated to as much as 40 per cent of its normal capacity.This makes a person cut off from their full potential.

What is the purpose of getting a nutritionist’s expertise on a health issue you might be going through rather than trying to figure it out yourself  ?

A nutritionist is an expert on how food and drink could affect your health.

Everyone is unique therefore the dietary recommendations for each person will also be unique. When creating a personalised diet we will use foods that present the minimum challenge to the body, which means using foods in their natural state and avoiding all artificial additives, colourings and preservatives.

Also there is no doubt that a change of diet and lifestyle will affect the person on many levels which includes mind as well as body. And a nutritionist can guide you with the help of  certain techniques to achieve a balanced state of being.

At your Highgate Holistic Clinic we’re currently offering a weight loss package combining Hypnotherapy and nutrition.

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