5 tips to lose weight with NLP and Hypnotherapy

So, summer is apparently here 🙂 And you might have planned some sunny holidays soon, and it’s time to think of getting in shape to fit into your swimming suit.

I often hear people talking about dieting a few weeks before holidays. And perhaps, you’ve noticed as well that diets don’t really work…Because eventually, you’ll put back the weight on, and will have to do another diet before your next holiday before you put on weight again etc. You get the picture.

I’ve found a very good way to avoid turning into a yo-yo and stay fit all year long. Because it’s not about dieting, it’s about having a different lifestyle. So how can you use NLP and Hypnotherapy to make sure you stay on track and healthy most of the time?

  1. Set your goal: specifically, what is your ideal weight? Instead of focusing on how much pounds you want to lose, which might be discouraging, I suggest you to focus on the weight you want to achieve. Focusing on a positive outcome will indeed motivate you much more.
  2. Examine your current food intake: perhaps get a food diary to keep track of what you eat. Are you eating a lot of processed food? Refined sugar? carbs? What is the food you recognise doesn’t contribute to you being fit? Once you’ve made a list of the non-healthy food, make a list of what food you would like to eat more of instead. That can include vegetables, protein, fruits…
  3. Use NLP tools such as the Swish or changing submodalities, to start shifting your tastes; you’ll train your brain to want more of the healthy food whilst disliking the junk one.
  4. What about your exercise pattern? Are you exercising regularly? If not, what’s stopping you? Lack of motivation? In which case I strongly recommend doing a spatial anchoring process to get yourself in an exited and dynamic state when thinking of your next session at the gym. I find the spatial anchoring is more effective than a normal anchoring in this case, as you’re actually creating changes in your physiology as well as in your mind.
  5. Examine the emotions hidden behind the cravings: Sometimes there are some deeper underlying causes to over-eating. It may cover up for emotional emptiness, anxiety or even anger…you could use a parts process or a core transformation to discover the hidden secondary gain of this pattern, and gently allowing it to update and resolve. If you’re interested in those processes, feel free to check my previous posts on that topic.

I found the combination of those techniques very effective on myself and on my clients, and as the brain learns quickly, you might find you’re going to progressively and effortlessly get into a healthy routine. One of my clients back a couple of years ago managed to lose 2 stones in a month and reported that he didn’t even have to sacrifice anything, he said “it’s as if my tastes had changed”. I recently bumped into him in the local supermarket and was delighted to see he was still slim and fit! He was beaming when he told me how easy it was for him to stay healthy.

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