Working with family constellation, by Ana Ivo, family constellation therapist and naturopath 

If you feel that you’re ill and can not understand nor overcome the state of paralysis that is, if you realize you need help, or if there is the desire to know more deeply your conflicts and walk toward happiness you may need systemic therapy of family constellation consultations.

Each person is unique with regard to its temperament, genetic make up, perceptions and needs. However, identity formation takes place through continuous family interactions. Thus, the sense that each person assigns to life, family, relationships, their expectations, as well as their self-esteem are related to his family. But we are not always aware of it.

The Systemic Therapy in origin was targeted exclusively to serving families. Over time however, with theoretical, technical and clinical development, systemic approach was clinically restructuring to meet the individual’s needs.

In individual sessions, family stories provide the nexus of phenomena and provide therapeutic resources. “The family will mirror circulating through the different generations of a family, constituting a link between past and future.” Thus, something that is part of something that is “internal” to the individual could actually relates to something that happens between people. Trans-generational Forces exert a critical influence on current intimate relationships.

The focus of therapy is to promote self-knowledge and enable the discovery of solutions for the impasses in which the individual is (process of autonomy and changing dysfunctional states).

The reconstruction of stories, analysis and definition of repetitive relational patterns, enable a broader view of the problem and may bring to consciousness factors leading to the creation of conflict, forgiveness, reframing attitudes, etc..

A fundamental desire to change and availability from the individual as well as the therapeutic bond favours the change process and help to “differentiate”, i.e be able to keep separate the emotional systems from the intellectuals ones, using more reason than feelings.

The interventions consider the relationship between the individual and others and with himself. Family constellation works with personal identity and family identity in the areas of belonging and differentiation, helping the individual to leave the undifferentiated mass of family and give them the power to build their way, acknowledging other possibilities.

The separation from family of origin is a gradual process that does not end. Systemic Individual therapy, adding or not many family members, is indicated when the individual seeks therapy in order to develop awareness of their standard of operation and want to acquire learning that is necessary at the time, or make changes that become necessary.

Symptoms that can be treated in Family Constellations on-to-one

Youth, adults, men and women

Spiritual problems
Professional problems, Problems of creativity, 
Financial problems, 
Family problems,
Emotional problems,
Social problems,
Health problems,
Losses of all kinds,
Have no meaning in life,
Psychosomatic diseases,
Psychological disorders.

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