Get ready for winter by Danielle Abramov, BSc (Hons) RSHom

We all take preventative measures in our daily life such as taking out insurance, securing our homes, and in the run up to winter, having a yearly boiler check as well as stocking up with Vitamin C, D and Zinc. Did you know that homeopathic treatment could help boost your immune system as well as reducing the severity of colds, coughs and the flu?

With a stronger immune system you are less likely to be laid up for a week or more or suffer with lingering coughs. Homeopathic remedies are holistic, treating a person according to their unique symptoms, their own sensitivities and what they might be susceptible to, so ideally you would see a homeopath for a complete consultation to receive the remedy that is most similar to you, the individual.

There is often a trigger to becoming ill. It might be the change of seasons, a traumatic occurrence or overeating or drinking. It may be that you are stressed and your immune system is run down or overwhelmed. We are each susceptible to certain triggers; however, generally we are each susceptible to different ones. You might not get the flu, even though everyone around you is suffering from it. Something specific to you will trigger your response (the manner in which you become ill) and that individual response will determine which remedy is chosen for your treatment, whatever ails you.

The most frequent infection in all age groups is the common cold. Children are especially prone to catching a lot of colds. They are caused by a viral infection that affects the respiratory system, so often developing into to suffering from a cough as well. Colds and coughs often respond well to homeopathic remedies. Homeopaths generally advise that a cold or two every year is not a bad thing, as it “cleans out” the system; however, if you are finding that you are having more than two colds a year, or suffer from a cough lingering long after the initial cold has cleared up, I would advise you seek help from a professional homeopath to strengthen your immune system.

So, why use Homeopathy?

Homeopathic medicines are completely safe and virtually free of any side effects. They are non-addictive and easy to take.

Homeopathy addresses the underlying issue, instead of simply masking the symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies are gentle enough for newborns and the elderly, and are safe to use in pregnancy.

A qualified homeopathic practitioner will advise you on which remedies are indicated according to the symptoms you present with.

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‘Homeopathic Christmas Poem’

On the first day of Christmas a useful gift to me

A home kit of homeopathy

The 4th day of Christmas from stress I came out in hives

A few doses of Apis calmed my skin for me.

The 6th day of Christmas the tree fell on my head

I bruise really bad, so glad Arnica is to hand

And I so love this homeopathy.

The 8th day of Christmas I could not buy a thing

Was paralysed by choices, the crowds and the noises

Gelsemium was the solution for me.

And I so love this homeopathy.

The 10th day of Christmas I drank so much mulled wine, it was hangover time; I quickly took Nux Vom, it also appeased my queasy tum.

And I so love this homeopathy.

The 12th day of Christmas some oysters I did eat, they poisoned me ‘de suite’

From both ends I was discharging, I felt that I was dying, help me I was crying, came Arsenicum to the rescue, I so love this homeopathy.

-A delightful little poem written by Danielle Abramov, if you enjoyed tweet her @heathhomeopath! 🙂