Have you tried Mindfulness meditation?

Practising Meditation/Mindfulness is for all of us!

What about beginning 2015 by learning new tools to handle your moods and emotions, to feel relaxed, to take better care of yourself and have greater energy and enthusiasm for life?

Most of the time we operate on autopilot which often  means that we’re there without REALLY being there… Does this ring a bell? For instance this morning you might have taken a shower… were you really under the shower, feeling the water on your body enjoying the moment of cleansing yourself? Or were you already thinking of all the things you had to do such as being in a meeting you would have to attend later on? Ask yourself- where were you?

Mindfulness helps us to live in the present and appreciate each moment. As Jon Kabat Zinn tells us it is “moment to moment, non judgemental awareness, cultivated by paying attention.”

Who is it for?

All of us! We have times in our lives when we experience difficulty, stress and struggle. Practising meditation and mindfulness is not changing what is happening but rather the way we relate to the events. In developing greater awareness we change how we approach our experiences – taking more pleasure in the good things and dealing more effectively with the difficulties.

What are the benefits?

Physically: lowers levels of cortisol – chemical associated with stress; increases blood flow and slows the heart rate; decreases high blood pressure; improves flow of air to the lungs resulting in easier breathing; assists people with chronic diseases by helping them to manage their conditions; decreases the ageing process;

Psychologically: increases ability to relax; decreases anxiety, depression, irritability and moodiness; increases clarity in thinking; improves learning ability and memory; increases feelings of vitality and happiness; increases emotional stability and self-confidence; greater creativity; increases ability to cope more effectively with both short and long-term stressful situations;

Spiritually: experience a sense of “oneness”; overall experience of wellbeing; strengthens our intuitive abilities

Not a magic practice?

It is not a magical recipe! We need to re-train our brain to take the lead and it takes time. It can be challenging at times but perhaps think of it like going to the gym, a muscle will work at  optimal level  if regular and consistent practice…

So get ready to join a 6 week Meditation Mindfulness course run by Nathalie Roth at Highgate Holistic Clinic!  Starting date: 12th of January.

If you want to learn more, please  call the clinic on 0203 659 2711

or  Nathalie directly on 07984 453 357,  email: nathalie.roth@nurseyourtree.com