How can Reiki help? By Caroline Croft

How can Reiki help?

When you go to visit your Doctor he or she treats the complaint that you have come in with. When you go to see a Reiki Practitioner they treat YOU, the WHOLE PERSON who may or may not have a specific complaint.

You will normally lie down on a massage couch and the Practitioner then places her hands in a series of positions on your body.  Treatments normally last for about an hour.

Some people may experience sensations such as hot, cold, tingling on their body when they are having a treatment. Some people do not experience anything. Both are completely normal.

Reiki restores balance to mind and body.  Reiki Master and Author (Pamela Miles) describes this so eloquently: “No matter where the Reiki practitioner’s hands are, no matter how delightful that light contact may feel, the most important benefit of Reiki healing is what’s happening behind the scenes, inside your own body where it’s remembering what it knows best – how to heal itself….. When your body is balanced, your own self healing mechanisms function at their very best”.

If you would like to find out more about Reiki or experience a free 20 minute introductory session with Reiki Practitioner, Caroline Croft please contact her or Highgate Holistic Clinic.

Caroline Croft is a Reiki Practitioner now offering Reiki treatments for the whole of November at a reduced rate of £35 (reduced from £55). For more information, please visit therapists page