Strains and Sprains

Some years ago I had torn a ligament in my right knee.  As I occasionally try to challenge myself with a new skill or knowledge,  I had joined a 0-5km running group. After a couple of weeks, to my great frustration, the pain in my knee returned. It was worse for the first movement, whether when getting out of bed in the morning, or when getting up from after sitting for a while. It would taper off with gentle walking but then worsen again. It definitely felt better for dry heat. I was restless yet stiff and my mood was deteriorating.  All those symptoms pointed towards the remedy Rhus Toxicodendron.


In my frustration, I had penned the following poem,

There is something very wrong with my right  knee

I cannot get an early appointment with the GP

I wanted to run, I want to walk

But the pain is so bad I can hardly talk

The angrier I get, the worse my knee becomes

What is it about this connection I don’t get

Too painful to exercise so I eat and get stressed

But the less I do the more I get depressed

In desperation, I take myself off

to consult my compassionate homeopath

She listens and explains the connections

between my pains and my emotions

Finally it all becomes clear

Of course it is not as bad as I fear

A bit of  Arnica and some doses of Rhus Tox

It really helps that she thinks outside the box

It’s not only her manner that is calm and reassuring

Those homeopathic remedies are the solution to my curing.


As with all our remedies, Rhus Toxicondendron can be indicated in a wide range of conditions when the symptoms match.

Some characteristic symptoms:

Internal restlessness

Stiffness, both mental as well as physical

Feel worse for cold & damp weather, getting wet

Feel worse at first motion, better continued gentle motion

Apprehension, worse after midnight

Thirsty for cold drinks and feel better for hot drinks

Desire to stretch during sciatica, backache or rheumatic pains

Burning and itching herpetic eruptions that are better for heat, hot water

Your mental, emotional and physical symptoms are individual and as such the remedy will be chosen according to your characteristic symptoms.

The beauty of homeopathy is that it is holistic, non-toxic, not addictive and safe for anyone to use including in pregnancy.

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