How homeopathy can help with Covid-19

These are extremely challenging times; the uncertainty causes a cascade of feelings, such as confusion, fear, worry, frustration and powerlessness.

The not knowing – how long this will last, am I a carrier/infected, how will I provide for my family – is a major cause of stress. And prolonged stress in and of itself impacts negatively on our immune system. Some tips to keep your immune system stable are listed below.

We all react to uncertainty and the feeling of helplessness in accordance with our personality. Those of us who are bossy, make plans and need to organise others, stoical types take it in their strides and weather the situation, others worry themselves silly and some are frightened thinking that something dreadful is going to happen.

If you feel that fear or anxiety are affecting your health, homeopathic remedies can help – consulting with a qualified homeopath will ensure you of the most accurate prescription and assistance.

Some tips to keep your immune system and your spirits strong:

General tips

  •   Stay Safe
  •   Sleep and Rest
  •   Control the amount of negative information you expose yourself to
  •   Activities – fun/relaxing/ distracting -something daily
  •   Food – as nourishing as possible
  •   Exercise – produces the feel good mood endorphins
  •   Avoid the news before bedtime
  •   Keep in touch with friends/family and those in isolation

Tips for Health:

  • Take Vitamin C (preferably with zinc) and Vitamin D3 daily
  • Black Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra) 1 teaspoon daily, has been shown to boost the immune system

Wishing you continued good health.

Danielle Abramov

Heath Homeopath

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