NEW *EXCLUSIVE* Pregnancy Package Promotion at Highgate Holistic Clinic 

The Pregnancy Package flows from the concept of holistic practice. All of us have a holistic approach to health, meaning we believe you cannot treat one part of the body without it affecting the whole. Also, as you very well know, body and mind are inextricably linked.

All of our treatments support you through different aspects and stages of pregnancy and complement each other.

We are fully committed to this collaboration, as we believe that by combining more than one therapy will intensify the benefits of each single one, contributing to a smoother pregnancy and subsequent labour.

Please read some of our client testimonials:

Danielle Abramov, Homeopath:
I feel very fortunate to have Danielle as my homeopath. She worked closely with me whilst going through fertility treatment and the remedies she prescribed really helped regulate my periods and stabilise my window of optimum fertility , so much so though that I didn’t have to endure any cancelled IVF cycles due to my cycles being irregular. There were also remedies for my emotional well-being as well which I found a great help. I should emphasise though that its not all about the remedies, it’s the wonderful support and empathy I received from this very caring and knowledgeable practitioner. Now that I am 8 months pregnant I continue to use Danielle and her remedies to help me through the various less desirable pregnancy side effects”
– S.L.

Kristina, Pregnancy Massage Therapist:
I was gifted with a Pregnancy massage voucher to see Kristina. During the consultation she listened attentively & I felt trusting of her straight away. It was so amazing I fell asleep during because the pregnancy pillows were so comfy. Kristina applied the perfect amount of pressure throughout & left me with some really good pregnancy tips and aftercare advice. I came out feeling so zoned out and relaxed. I loved it so much that I had booked a follow up massage straight away!
– Dita 

Dominique Antiglio- Sophrology Coach:
In a few sessions, I learned how to relax and reprogram myself to be calm and confident again. I had always been terrified to give birth but thanks to the work done with Dominique, I awaited this moment with serenity and my labour went really well. I will always have a very good memory of giving birth. Sophrology also helps recuperation–this is very useful to compensate for the lack of sleep in those first months.
– Elizabeth B.

Natalie Roth- Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner
“I visited Nathalie on the eve of my daughter’s due date. With a lot going on at the time I felt that I needed some TLC and to get prepared mentally for the birth. Thankfully, Nathalie proved a perfect choice! It was an amazingly peaceful and nurturing session and I came away calm yet excited about the prospect of meeting my daughter. She arrived five days later. Thank you Nathalie for the support you gave me during that special time.”
– Claire 

Alex- Acupuncturist and Tuina Massage Practitioner:
I have acupuncture during my pregnancy, I felt warming & gentle sensations at first and as the treatment progressed the sensations became deeper & the baby responded positively. Alex was calm and informative. A pleasure. I felt very relaxed and centred. He was also very helpful, explaining methods for pain relief and naturally inducing my baby.
– Allison G

Eglantine- Osteopath:
Eglantine is excellent at specialising in women’s problems with Osteopathy, especially helping to ease congestion in my Pelvic area including the ovaries which I never fully understood the extent of my constriction in that area all these years. Eglantine mentioned that problems in this area are very common but often overlooked. I’ve been struggling with chronic tension but never knew the root cause till now. Eglantine is really good at identifying how problems in certain areas can lead to overcompensation in other parts of the body & her focus is all about gently rebalancing and re-aligning . I’ve recommended her to a few of of my friends as her treatments have been life changing for me.
– Rochelle  

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