The benefits of Aromatherapy Massage during pregnancy

I’ve never experienced 9 months of pregnancy, giving birth or breastfeeding a baby for myself. I do not know how it feels and so I will not patronise you or pretend I know it all. I have read the books, attended the courses and observed my pregnant family members and friends, so I have an idea what it might be like and have the theoretical knowledge to provide a safe and effective treatment. I believe that just as every person is a unique individual with needs specific and unique to them, pregnancy and its experience is also completely unique to every mother and every child.

There are certain stages in pregnancy and child birth that everyone goes through: the physiological changes to the female body (and child’s) in the three trimesters, the emotional adjustment and the labour. The details in these processes, however, are completely individual depending on many factors, such as genetics, physiology, health, personality, belief systems, personal circumstances, environment and luck. Considering all this, it is really hard to predict with accuracy anything regarding pregnancy, labour and the post natal period, and to provide one treatment-fits-all.

Fortunately, I am able to provide treatments tailored just for you, your changing circumstances and your needs. Whether you suffer with nausea, headaches, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, muscular aches and pains, sciatica, emotional imbalances, anxiety, water retention, stretch marks or anything else brought on by the different stages in your pregnancy, after a thorough consultation we can come up with a treatment suited to your needs at the time. I have pregnancy pillows and adjustable massage table to ensure your comfort during massage. Massage can be very effective in dealing with muscular tensions, aches and pains, stretch marks, water retention and sciatica. Essential oils can also help with all of these, but they can also help with managing nausea, headaches, emotional and hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, sensitivity to smells, prevention of stretch marks and so much more. The essential oils work on two levels. They get absorbed into your blood stream and are therefore able to work on the systems of the body as well as affecting the mind and emotions through the smell.

If you do not feel like working with the essential oils you can go just for a massage on its own. I believe Aromatherapy massage is more effective, but it is not the best option for everyone. If you do not want to be touch during your pregnancy, there is also an option of aromatherapy consultation only. In an hour long sessions we would have thorough consultation, you could smell all the different oils in my set and we would choose the best essential oils for you to prepare three products of your choice (nasal inhaler, body oil, body spray or room spray) that you would take away with you to use at home.

Aromatherapy can also be very effective in assisting with labour and many midwives and doulas have been using aromatherapy oils and products to do just that. I offer Labour workshops, where we’d prepare products for you to use during your labour to make it as smooth and worry-less experience as possible.

Once the baby is born, it is just as important to have continuous support to help the new mum, especially with a first baby, to adjust to the new situation. Lack of sleep, problems with breastfeeding, anxiety, post natal depression, hormonal imbalances are just a few problems that can be associated with the weeks and months following birth. Aromatherapy, whether as part of massage treatment or through products, can greatly assist in managing all the above as well as with physiological recovery from labour.

What’s more Aromatherapy massage is not the only therapy available to you. Reflexology, Sophrology, Hypnobirthing, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Homeopathy are just a few examples of therapies that can help to support you on your journey from conception to labour and beyond. We have wonderful practitioners available at Highgate Holistic clinic and we have come together to offer a discount package for variety of treatments, but even if you are not local to us, have a look online or ask your friends, read the references and choose treatments that can support you in your needs. You and your baby are worth it.

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